“Men are from Earth, women are from Earth. Deal with it”

I need feminism.

I have the right to walk along the high-street where I live without being harassed.

I have the right to go to work and get treated with the respect I deserve.

I deserve to feel safe and content in myself.

But I was born a female.

Men and women are not that different, but we are born in to two very different worlds.

My entire life I have been taught how to avert the distasteful attention of men, how to dress to avoid assault, how to act to avoid stigma and how I should act according to males, this has shaped me as a women and many others and its time for this to change.

If I escape this cult behaviour with the slightest bit of confidence in myself and make the decision to show some skin that is my choice, it is my body, it gives no one the right to touch me. There is no law of man that states what you see is yours, what gives anyone the right to treat me like an object and use for their enjoyment against my will? Nothing.

Working in a bar I get a lot of vulgar remarks from men, but what really grinds me is the deranged ideas that the majority of male patrons have about touching me and any other female in there.

  • Number one: I am working, why would I want to risk my job to go any where near any greasy drunk, especially when they treat me so disrespectfully.
  • Number two: you are unhinged if you think any female would want to be in the same building as you let alone share a bed, maybe when you find some morals you will find someone to tolerate you.
  • Number three: How would you feel if someone twice your size and weight grabbed your privates, are you turned on? Do you feel good about yourself? I think not, keep your hands to yourself.

I would like to think no parent would raise his or her son to conduct himself to treat anyone in an obnoxious nature. Boys will be boys is not enough in 2015, rape may never be abolished but I want to feel like I can walk down my street without fearing every man that walks past me; because they are not all bad. Schools should teach respect for differences, how to be a gentlemen and respect, females instead of self-defense against men and avoidance of assault.

In lower school, boys treat girls they like in a mean manner but does this not influence disrespectful behaviour later in life? Working in hospitality areas I have questioned who is to blame of male youths behaviour, is it the parents for not teaching them respect for others and property or are they old enough to know the difference between right or wrong? Maybe it is both because I was not the greatest teen but I had respect for my elders and my surroundings, but maybe I just had decent parents! It seems to be vacant from the youths of today that actions and words hurt and damage people; this could be something that’s happened for a long time and I am only just aware but how can we change this? Being called a man for wearing a set unflattering uniform is hurtful to someone with image issues, swearing in someone’s face or approaching a girl by herself in a group is harassment. Sexual Harassment is something even I did not understand but it includes comments, gestures, actions or attention that hurt, offend or intimidate with focus on appearance, sexual orientation or sexual activity.

You don’t have to play masculine to be a strong woman.

-Mary Elizabeth Winstead

Title quoted from George Carlin.


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