Put down your chicken wing and listen!

When I approach a subject I like to research both sides, that includes subjects I am already subjective of, but it deems only fair to understand every point of view. With my recent life change to veganism I have been thinking more about animal welfare and opinions, and it hit me – why is it green organizations seek out other opinions and way of lives but it is not returned. We are constantly ridiculed for what we believe but when I have responded personally every time I have had positive responses, not necessarily joining in my views but recognizing my life choice and how hard it is to make such a large change in my life.

I was raised eating meat and when I was around eight or nine I decided to become a pescetarian, I remained that way for five years till teenage life took its toll and I questioned whether I was naturally meant to eat meat. During my time at university my inner animal activist has blossomed and after two years of debating returning to pescetarianism I have gone full out and turned vegan. I never thought I would even attempt veganism; I love cheese! But I was just being ignorant, I cannot preach one thing whilst doing another and truth is the dairy industry is cruel and disgusting, I cannot personally swallow that. I have been a vegan for about three weeks now, it has been so much easier then I thought! Butter and mayo substitutes taste better, soya is so much lighter and as I struggle with gluten I have not been ill from a meal so far. I am yet to find a vegan cheese I like but as of yet I am not missing it. The one thing I do miss – fish. Eating out has been the one major difficulty – why did no one take me for meals this much before I was a vegan! Living in Falmouth is a blessing as I start out, many restaurants do offer substitutes due to the vast amount of vegans here but not as many options as we should have, whilst Falafel is the main food in Falmouth it seems.

The main issue I am struggling with is people’s reactions, treating me as if I am a terrorist; well I suppose I am an Eco Terrorist, but really? I am not pushing it on anyone. My life choice does not affect you it is between the animals I refuse to eat and I, why is it offensive to people that I do not want to be a part of a mass slaughter trade? And why will my opinion not be considered but meat eaters demand their ways on everyone else? If I pushed my beliefs on everyone like they push theirs on me I would be exactly what vegans are believed to be. It’s not my problem when you get heart disease but it does bother me when innocent lives are taken because you’re a fat slob who demands a snack. It really grinds on me that veganism is considered more of an issue then the fact animals live in awful conditions then their awful lives cut short, it is the same conditions as fur farms and animal welfare issues we rant about abroad – we are no different why can people not get this into their heads. If you can stomach eating meat after watching what really happens to these animals fair play to you but ignorance is not an excuse in modern times.

If you do not have it in you to kill the animal yourself, in my opinion you should not have the stomach to eat it.


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