My take: Monty the penguin

As Christmas draws in so starts the early hype to get the general public to spend their yearly earnings on the Catholic holiday that has been lost to greed, which is no different with the recent John Lewis advert which is becoming an annual occurrence to include cute animals, with last years increasing sales by 6.9% they have not held back. As the advert goes through the motions we see a strong relationship between a young boy and a penguin which can only be seen by himself and as it turns out it was a figment of his imagination but receives another toy animal to keep it company, cute right? I decided to write up about this advert as I was skeptical at first how it had come about with over several million pounds spent on the festive campaign, which includes various penguin memorabilia and interactive store appliances. The penguins; Monty and Mabel were created using CGI technology by the group responsible for animations such as Planet of the apes, with the help of mapping wild Adélie penguins it was possible to make a realistic penguin character without any harm to wildlife, an accomplishment that the industry should take into account; we do not need animals in captivity when they can be created by these talented artists and made to pick up lego, from watching nest behaviour. Within the first four hours of release the advert had seen almost half of that of previous years with over seventy-three thousand shares, personally it is refreshing to see an advert where a child is interested in animals, has an imagination and love for something other then itself.

Unusually John Lewis have not increased their christmas budget but still several million? Are you kidding me? Give me £10 and Icould make you a heartfelt movie of John Lewis giving money to the homeless. Why not show what giving really is, because its not providing a spoilt child with another stuffed toy, its giving to those less fortunate. I would shop at John Lewis if they did a christmas campaign like that just out of respect of the organisation but this is not the year, and yet again I will await the real giving of this holiday but I will not be holding my breath.

John lewis advert


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