My Take: All creatures great and stuffed

All creatures great and stuffed

After my recent decision to pursue animal rights I decided to spend my day watching a program I have heard a lot about but never the desire to watch; ‘All creatures great and stuffed’ is about the world of taxidermy in all its bizarre forms. With the controversy of taxidermy still high it is debated whether this program was even about the ‘art form’ or just a reflection on these people’s personalities; Jayne Brown was a aspiring taxidermist and her eccentric personality shone through with her unusual décor of stuffed wildlife and transformations from animals into mystical beings. As a nature enthusiast I am torn between the taxidermy ideals, many characters stated that they loved the natural world that’s why they want to preserve it but if that is the case why is Miss Brown’s ‘Jungle room’ filled with endangered species that fund the black market trade of these beautiful creatures, and regarded her poodle Billy as her “…little son…” that is “…not going to be taxidermed.” Why is he regarded as different to the lives of any of the other animals in her house? The answer is she has no personal relationship with them, and personally would not be capable of grieving if he was contained lifeless on her sofa.

Screen shot 2014-11-06 at 18.18.45

On the other hand it is becoming increasingly common for families to preserve their deceased pets, in a seemingly sadistic sense they have their pets freeze dried or stuffed and positioned like an ornament in their house. In America it can costaround $5000 with payment plans available for the working class… I am sorry what? How is this becoming such a common thing that there are payment systems available? How will you cope when your parents or grandparents die because you will be sent to a psychopathic ward if you stuff them and position them on the sofa, how is this any different? Pets are family not a material you can own, but it seems like they are now. Through the episode it was clear these people do generally love their pets but grieving in an unusual way, which I simply do not understand and I am not entirely sure, Iwant to.

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I found out about this program from a friend who found it funny a man had transformed his recently deceased cat into a working helicopter, something I frankly find disrespectful and vile. Bart Jansen regards this conversion as the ultimate tribute as “…he loved birds…” and natures downfall was not making them capable of flight, but what gives you the right once again to play God? Everything is born perfect that’s why adaptations come about, if flight was essential it would be and it seems a percentage of the human race needs their brains reorganized. It seems as a race we want to capture and contain everything, almost a greed of the earth but the truth is we are not in charge, we live we die we are here for a split second of the worlds lifespan, moving through the motions so why damage and insult, I could be completely wrong but in my opinion this is the prevention of life passing on, man is stood still if not reverting back to prehistoric times. Live and let die.

All creatures great and stuffed

Producer/Director: Matt Rudge
Executive Producer: Tayte Simpson
Production Company: Mentorn Media

All images belong to the rights holder
This is an open interpretation of my own opinion only


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