Outer Hebrides: The end


Overall my time spent in Uist has been both enlightening and amazing, the wildlife I have seen and time spent doing what I love has filled me with fresh motivation that I need for my final year of University and start of my dissertation. My overall favourite wildlife experience of this trip is a tie between the experience with the Minke whale which is both unique and tragic or the fact I saw a wild snowy owl! something I was keen to do on this trip but was not hopeful I would succeed in. 


As for my best photographic experience I would have to say the waders without  a doubt, these quirky little creatures were a highlight to photograph and I only wish I could spend more time with them. My goal was to photograph them with the splashing waves or low down with bokeh which I managed to capture but not as dramatic with a lack of behaviour as I had hoped but I still managed to capture two images I am very happy with.



The greatest part of this experience was sharing it with one of my best friends Holly, though we split off at points it was an amazing trip that I only wish it could of lasted longer. If anyone can put up with me for a week straight they deserve appreciation, especially from sharing a room and my constant annoying behaviour. Congratulations Holly your a keeper ❤



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