Outer Hebrides: Day Three

After a series of early mornings with Snipe and Owls Holly and I decided we have got images we are proud of and any more is just going to be a bird on a post so we separated from the group and went on our own first light adventure around the surrounding beaches. We both set ourselves small goals for the morning; Holly-landscapes and Macro for me which we both successfully captured whilst taking our time exploring the surrounding beaches, rock pools and grasslands. It was a nice break for us both to have just shooting for ourselves, no pressure and no time limits; a change from our typical university routine. 
With high tide creeping later each day we ventured out for the second evening in a row to capture the waders as the tide pushes them in to feed. My goal compared to the rest of the group was to capture their interaction with water, like the previous night shooting with the sun to create soft bokeh in the water gleams but as it happens the tide wanted to behave differently this night and I ended up making the most of a make shift hide out of seaweed shooting with the sun in front of me, backlighting the waders and the seaweed; which brought out contrast and beautiful warm tones. The waders were less inquisitive meaning less time spent with them and fewer shots, but those I did capture were abstract and interesting but I want to work longer with them and capture some unique images experimenting with the light more. As the light faded we also head back into the warm to edit.

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