Iceland Day One

Iceland is rich with legend and lore, its iconic viking establishment to the prosperous economy and natural resources make it the nation it is today, combined with stunning landscapes its no wonder it thrives with tourism. Compared to the rest of the world Iceland is considered young, formed from a series of eruptions of underwater volcanoes before the beginning of civilisation. Although it remains one of the last islands on earth to be inhabited the ‘Book of settlements” states that Irish monks were one of the first inhabiters whilst named hundred of years later by a Scandinavian Sailor spotted drift ice in the fjords after deliberately setting sail. Credited as the first settler in Iceland Ingolfur Arnarson allegedly threw two carved pillars overboard in order to settle where they landed which were found in current day Reykjavik; and my home for the next coming week.
First stop after arriving in Keflavik International Airport was the Blue lagoon; a geothermal spa with unique water and silica mud which constantly precipitates in the lake, a recognised wonder of the world. Accidentally formed in 1976 during operation at the nearby geothermal power plant, it began to be admired by the puplic who would bathe and cover their skin in the mud with noticeable changes in skin condition, to this day it is known for providing a variety of spa services combined with nature whilst becoming the single most popular tourist attraction in Iceland. With average temperatures of 37c and a ph of 7.5  the Reykjanes peninsula is on the Mid-Atlantic ridge and built up of very porous lava, allowing seawater to enter deep into its aquifers therefore making the lakes from a third seawater and one third freshwater. After the fluid leaves the plant around 70c, entering the lagoon cooling further and the silica precipitates. I am not sure what I expected but when I first saw the milky blue water my mouth literally dropped it has to be one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen and an experience I will never forget.Image

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