Where does it come from?

It was recently brought to the worlds attention the disgusting lengths taken to get our angora sweaters, gloves, hats and scarfs, as rabbits are frequently tortured for fashion and profit. Secret filming by PETA captures the ‘plucking’ of Angora rabbits long soft fur by workers in China has outraged many including the retailer H&M ceasing all of its Angora products but now continues the battle to cease production in every other store, many are falling into line including Zara, Topshop and Asos but theres still a long road ahead. Over ninety percent of angora fur comes from China with the simple reason; profit, China has no penalties for animal abuse on farms and no standard treatment of the animals combined with the high trade value of £22 per kilogram has caused the high demand. By plucking the hair it can double in price to shearing whilst reducing the time from weeks of gentle removal to violent minutes which are endured every three months after which were clearly seen to be lying motionless in shock. 

This sick production should be ended all together but the outrage was aimed towards the lack of knowledge of suppliers, but at least this has alerted the big retailers to demand the animal rights these rabbits deserve, but where is this line drawn? These rabbits are still locked in cages for the rest of their solitary life to provide you with a soft hat? In my opinion this whole trade should be stopped, in this age we can create our own soft fabrics why do we need to pull the hair out of animals? it seems very primal but i suppose that was my mistake for assuming we had advanced since the dark ages. For those parents out there who buy there little girls a pet rabbit how do you think shed feel if you told her your fur lined coat was made out of tortured rabbits, innocence is where we need to return. 


Please support these amazing people to stop this cruelty http://superbunnywarrior.tumblr.com


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