Shut down Taiji

Today the largest pod to be driven into Taiji’s cove in several years will be slaughtered or confined to a life of entertaining. Huddled together five different pods of over two hundred and fifty dolphins including babies, juveniles and a rare albino calf have been confined to a shallow netted area to await their fate. This common slaughter has been captured in the documentary ‘The cove’ and is often observed from ‘Sea Shepherd’s’ but it seems this awareness just is not enough to stop this furocious killing.

These dolphins, which like various other cetaceans communicate through eco location are forced into the confines of the cove by fishermen banging on large poles through the water causing disorientation and fear throughout the pod which soon huddle together and swim for their lives, which in fact leads to their deaths. Once a net is put around them they circle the confines for over nineteen hours till they are chosen to either live in captivity or become subjected to a violent death to be sold for meat. Dolphin meat is often referred to as a ‘delicacy’ in Japan but through the documentary it has been proved to be no more then a cover for these sick acts with many of the public clueless to what they are eating. Due to the pollution pumped into the surrounding water this meat contains high levels of tons in particular mercury, which has become band in many places including schools, due to its toxicity. This meat is worth millions whilst this albino calf is priceless to the entertainment business, leading to it being prized from its mothers side earlier today.

Taiji fishermen and trainers work together to select the ceatations with the least nicks and scars to go into captivity which today included this albino calf which is presumed deaf and blind which reduces its chance of survival without its mother. This drive and hunt has slaughtered over 20,000 each year alone with over 167 in just nine days with many also being transferred into captivity. Many of the killing methods are disgusting and inhumane which would not be considered in any slaughterhouse in the world,this varys dramatically from stabbing with a metal spike into their blowhole to let them slowly bleed out alone or drowning in the blood of their family.
This albino calf may be what can help the public identify what is happening, connect the dots to what happened to this poor calf and its family and why it was put into these sick situations. Strangely enough in many cultures harming or hunting albino animals is seen as bad luck as they are ‘spirit animals’ but I personally think harming any animal is sick and wrong. When a child goes missing or is murdered the world stops to greave or take responsibility to help but when it comes to animals it gets pushed aside. Is this not worse? it is inflicted by us, those who visit these water parks, those who stand by and let these things happen, are we not as bad as those plunging their knives? We need to stop destroying lives to make a few pounds, there are better ways then exploitation.
People power is the only way we can stop this, I took action and emailed the Japanise embassy along with many others. Join us and help us save the whale and dolphins live a free life.

Dear Madams and Sirs,
As you are aware the cruel slaughter of cetaceans in Tajji’s Black Cove is still happening, even now January 18, 2014 there are individual dolphins being torn from their families,brothers, mothers, children for what? to spend their life in tanks comparison to bathtubs for human amusement whilst their families are being murdered for human consumption. I will boycott all goods from Japan until this practice stops, I am not alone, people power will prevail. Please help do the right thing and stop this sick practice and release all those captive to live what little life they’ve got left.

Stop Taiji. Stop Seaworld. Save Cetaceans

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