Captive mammals

One of the yearly trips my course takes part on is our Captive mammal trips where we get the chance to get up close and personal with yes mammals, this is a great opportunity to practice techniques and field craft with the ease of easy access to animals and there behaviour.

Here are some of my images from my most recent trip to the centre.

European Otter Lutra lutra

On previous visits I was less experienced with my equipment and wildlife photography techniques so this time around I was more prepared and knew what to expect. First on my shooting list was the European otter, two energetic little guys who loved running through the grass and water. Im pleased with the images I achieved but would love the chance to track and photograph them in the wild.


Red Fox Vulpes vulpes

This stunning Vixen ‘Luna’ is always a wonder to photograph, she is not tame like you expect but we can get inside the enclosure and photograph her as she feeds. Incredibly beautiful such as any red fox I jump at the chance to photograph her and any other. This time around I really wanted to capture her beauty and gentle nature in both her stride and drinking softly off the surface of the pond.



Harvest Mouse

As one of my previous Harvest mouse images won and was featured in the London eco film festival and Gap Life magazine, I really set the bar high for myself to improve on my images.


These tiny mice were in a shallow tank with plants suspended upright for them to climb and balance with a natural background providing colour. They’re so tiny a macro lens and flash was needed and Im personally happy with my outcomes, both opposite ways of looking at the subject but both equally as pleasing.




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