Cats in Care

As one of my favourite projects “Cats in Care” was very close to my heart, with the help of TheOxfordshire Animal Sanctuary I was provided with the access to the care given and the animals living there. As a sanctuary they provide hundreds of abandoned animals with a second chance looking after several hundred animals at any one time.

“Our aimis to make sure that no animal is forgotten about”

The sanctuary is run by volunteers and public donations with the help of Miss Sybil Morley especially, offering £6,000 buying a place where they could have its own sanctuary. Currentlycaring for dogs, cats, rabbits and permanent guests of 2 goats, 6 sheep, 1 horse and a little Shetland pony, I decided to focus on the cats that lived there for short and long term, somemaking it a home for the rest of their days. Financial difficulties have plagued the sanctuary but through the generosity of the public they have survived and increasing care for more animals then ever.

“We aim to not only rescue unwanted, sick or injured animals, but also ultimately to re-home them”

The main aim of the sanctuary is to find suitable homes for all animals rehabilitating them in whatever way possible, suiting personalities and experiences leaving an overall happy outcome for the animals in their new homes.There is controversial views on catteries, from the cats living in large numbers in cages, not receiving the love and care they deserve and as one of those peopleI was worried what could be found and captured in these conditions but was amazed at the love and devotion I found. With such large amounts of animals, cats in particular there is not room for them all to roam at once so in rotational shifts the cats switch from their inside group areas filledwith bedding and food to the freedom of the outside, basking in the sun to scampering round in groups. It is clear through the content of these animals the amount of love and care they receive, sitting down in the cattery to photograph I was climbed on and forced to play by at least twenty ofthese cats, through all ordeals they are willing to love and forgive people which can only be through the way they’ve recovered and the care given to them.

As my love for photojournalism flourishes I aimed to capture the cat’s side through the use of black and white film, too many times we see images of the volunteers holding cheerful, playful animals or the sick and injured to evoke forced feelings, these cats have been captured just the way they are, with there diverse behaviour of curiosity of me or the fear hiding away. Many ofthese cats find this sanctuary the home for the rest of there days, some timid and afraid of people whilst others bathe in the sun close to me with trust in there heart when you’d expect none. 


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